The main objectives of e-Libraries are as follows:
  • Revival of reading and learning culture in general public, especially youth, families and senior citizens
  • Inculcate e-reading and e-learning culture amongst general public, students, teachers and our society at large
  • Establish a centralized Digital Library of e-books, e-theses, Pakistani laws, Pakistani press clippings, annual company reports and indexes of Pakistani periodicals, documentaries and DVDs
  • Explore and provide free, purchased, subscribed and indigenous e-resources
  • Encourage and persuade authors/publishers to provide eVersion of their publications for free reading and paid downloads via micropayments (easy paisa etc.)
  • Provide remote access to general public to top read international e-collections
  • Provide remote access through VPN and on spot access through hotspots in eLibraries in Punjab
  • Economize access to knowledge
  • Establish and run 20 eLibraries in adjacent to sports complexes